Cashew & Cranberry Caramel Apple

Cashew & Cranberry Caramel Apple

Indulge in our delicious Cashew & Cranberry caramel apples!

Enjoy this gourmet caramel apple covered with cashews, cranberries and delicious chocolate. Amazing combination of flavors!

All orders are LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.


The premium milk chocolate contains 34% cocoa butter and the dark chocolate is made with 53% cocoa butter. The white chocolate is creamy and perfectly sweet. All apples are individually wrapped.

Fresh Red Delicious, Granny Smith or Jonathan apple dipped in our delectable creamy caramel, then rolled in cashew pieces and dried cranberries, and abundantly drizzled with our gourmet gourmet milk, dark or white chocolate. All apples are individually wrapped.

How are the apples different? The Red Delicious is large and sweet, the Granny Smith is large, green and tart. Order 20 or more and save!