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Plain or Peanut Caramel Apple


Indulge in our delicious plain and peanut caramel apples!

Our creamy homemade caramel is one-of-a-kind. All apples are individually wrapped. You can call us for more information about our apple options – 847.359.3454.

All orders are LOCAL PICKUP ONLY.



Fresh Red Delicious or Granny Smith apple covered in our made from scratch creamy caramel. Order plain or with roasted and salted peanuts. All apples are individually wrapped. Adding a colorful bow is an option; otherwise apples will be bagged and closed with a twist tie.

Our Red Delicious large apple is juicy, red and sweet. Our Granny Smith apple is green, crisp and tart.

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Red Delicious, Granny Smith


Plain, Peanuts