Spooktacular Candy Camp


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Spooktacular Candy Camp


Join us for a Spooktacular Candy Camp – Sat Oct 23rd. 12pm
We will make the milk chocolate house pieces for you and you will have all the fun of assembling and decorating the spooky house!
Decorations will also include crushed cookies for the outside ‘garden’ area and more candy to decorate.
Suitable for all ages-5 years and under will need your assistance.
$22 per goblin candy maker
15 maximum candymakers per session
To keep everyone safe, masks required on everyone in our Party Room.  We will also check and record temperatures as you come in.
Unless your child requests you to stay, Moms and Dads are invited to relax outside the party room during the session, and relax in our store area.
And everyone will be treated to  a delicious apple cider donut when they are finished.
Costumes are encouraged!  Make it simple-not a good idea to get chocolate on your costume before Halloween!