Assorted Chocolate Boxes

Assorted Chocolate Boxes

All boxes are packed with a selection of two-thirds milk chocolate and one-third dark chocolate. Boxes usually contain at least one puppet, a sea salt caramel, a selection of nut clusters, and our Morkes Creams. The rest is an assortment of rich, scrumptious chocolates you are sure to enjoy.


Our assortments are hand-packed with a delectable combination of our assorted chocolates. Our small batch process and attention to detail ensure freshness and superior quality.

We’ve been making our premium chocolates for 90 years. Our chocolate is made with only the highest quality, natural chocolate blended from the cocoa beans of the Ivory Coast, Brazil, and Ghana.

Our chocolate should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Most chocolate, when stored under the correct conditions, will keep for six months. However, white chocolate should be consumed within one month and filled chocolates should be consumed within two months.